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Saturday, April 29, 2017

Outside: The Race A Book Made Famous

Running the Race That ‘Born to Run’ Made Famous 
Jay Bouchard/Outside. Apr 29 2017

The first Copper Canyon ultramarathon took place in Urique, Mexico, in 2003, and was organized by legendary ultrarunner Micah True, also known as Caballo Blanco. True—famously depicted in Christopher McDougall’s bestselling 2009 book, Born to Run—wanted the race to help preserve the local culture of the Tarahumara people, who dress in sandals, skirts, and long-sleeve tops and have an extraordinary capacity to run long distances...

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Friday, April 28, 2017

Trisutto.com: You Start. You Finish

You Start. You Finish - Don't Let Numbers Determine the Success of Your Workout
Brett Sutton/Trisutto.com

What is an awful workout?

How do we categorise a good or bad workout? Is it a great workout when we hit certain times after we have had 3 days of rest to get ready? Is it awful when we are training hard, start a workout tired, and by the end are going just above a walk? How important is hitting ‘the numbers’?

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Thursday, April 27, 2017

MapMyRun.com: Just Don't Cheat

The Major Half-Marathon Cheat Sheet
Abbie Mood/MapMyRun.com/April 11, 2017

In 2015, almost two million runners completed a half-marathon — that’s more than marathon and 10K finishers combined. This magic distance continues to grow in popularity, and Matt Fitzgerald, running coach and author of “The Endurance Diet” explains that “the half-marathon is long enough to present runners with a serious challenge and a great sense of accomplishment when they conquer it. But at the same time, it requires less training than a full marathon does, and the post-race recovery is much quicker.”

We know that sometimes the hardest part of racing isn’t necessarily the training, but figuring out which race to run, so we’ve taken the liberty of rounding up 10 of the best half-marathons to inspire your next training session...

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MapMyRun.com: Bum Glutes?

5 Must-Do Glute Exercises for Runners and Cyclists
Shane Barnard/MapMyRun.com/January 15, 2016

Glutes (aka butt, bottom, backside, booty or tush) hold a lot of power, and strengthening them can help you become a better runner, cyclist, walker, jogger, skater, swimmer, dancer, squatter…you get the idea, right? Strong glutes are a win-win for your body because they help take pressure off of your knees and back. When your glutes don’t work properly, other muscles have to compensate to do the work. This can result in discomfort and injuries...

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Athlinks.com: Got Gear?

Athlinks Spring Gear Guide for Runners
April 20, 2017

We love our global running family and to show our gratitude, we put together this awesome gear guide for our friends and fans. We scoured the shelves and hounded our best connections for months and found a few beauties we couldn’t live without. Take a run through our spring gear guide for runners...

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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Active.com: Dynamic Stretches

8 Dynamic Stretches for Runners 
By Hunter Hewitt/Active.com

One doctor thinks static stretching is taboo before a long run. Another thinks dynamic stretching will tire you out...

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Active.com: To Be, Not Seem To Be

Running One Hour Adds Seven Hours to Your Life 
By Elizabeth Grimsley/Active/com

Boy, do we have great news for runners! According to a new study based off research done by the Cooper Institute in Dallas, runners tend to live about three years longer than non-runners--that's about seven additional hours for every one hour of running.

Whether you're fast or slow, on a trail or a treadmill, training or simply taking some time out for a leisurely jog, it all counts toward your ultimate pursuit of immortality.

But that begs the question: What should you do with all this extra time on your hands?

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IAAF: Women's-Only WR

Keitany breaks women’s-only world record at London Marathon
IAAF, 23 April 2017

Kenya’s Mary Keitany took 41 seconds off the women’s-only world record* at the Virgin Money London Marathon, running 2:17:01 at the IAAF Gold Label Road Race on Sunday (23). Keitany said in the build-up to this year’s race she was in shape to break Paula Radcliffe’s mark of 2:17:42 and while she demurred when asked about the possibility of bettering Radcliffe’s outright mark of 2:15:25, Keitany was running minutes inside Radcliffe’s schedule in the first half...

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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

MapMyRun: No, Not That Happy

Running Strong Starts With Happy Feet
Molly Hurford/MapMyRun.com 13 Feb 2017

Running is tough on our feet. We train through blackened toenails, blisters and even the dreaded plantar fasciitis. The American Podiatric Medical Association says that each footstrike is between three and four times our bodyweight striking a hard surface. One study looking at competitive collegiate runners showed that each year, 74% of them complained of chronic foot pain or suffered an injury. In the general population, another study found that 50% of the runners surveyed had running-specific injuries annually...

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CTS: Make Certain It's Not Summer!

Three Tips for Worry-Free Marathon Training
Carmichael Training Systems

A good training program is an essential part of preparing for a marathon, and fortunately there are a plethora of sound and effective programs available to runners of all ability levels. But preparing for a successful 26.2-mile run takes more than a schedule of workouts, and the coaches at CTS got together to provide three tips to help you have a great experience at your next marathon...

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Saturday, April 22, 2017

Outside: Hitchhiker's Guide to Race Day

The Anxious Competitor's Guide to Staying Calm 
We've got you covered from the start of your training to the moment the gun goes off 
Rachael Schultz/Outside/Apr 21, 2017

Similar to how you meticulously plan your increase in miles or speed, it’s critical that you develop a routine to help your mind productively transition into race mode. Doing so gradually lets your mind adjust to the fact that a competition is on the horizon and fight off the inevitable anxiety that’s headed your way. “When it comes to the mental component of a competition, it’s very rare for an athlete to be able to switch it on like a light switch,” says Joel Fish, director of the Center for Sport Psychology in Philadelphia. “Most athletes need a pattern of routine that helps the body and the mind signal that it’s getting time to compete, habits that note the countdown is getting closer to actual race day.” 

Here’s what that pattern should look like...

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Outside Online: More Than Me

My Wife Will Always Outrun Me 
But years of trying to keep up with her has made me a much better runner 
Nick Ripatrazone//Outside, Apr 20, 2017 

The best thing ever to happen to me as a runner was to run with my much-faster wife...

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Carmichael Training Systems: Life to Years

Five Ways to Add Life to Your Years 
Chris Carmichael//Carmichael Training Systems 

Lately I’ve been seeing a lot of articles and blogs about adding years to your life, and to be honest most of the advice is downright obvious: Don’t smoke, reduce stress, drink alcohol in moderation, eat better and exercise more. That’s all wonderful advice for the general population, but it got me thinking about our population, by which I mean aging athletes. We are already outliers to the general population, and have already committed to the steps shown to extend lifespan. But as athletes we have also placed a high priority on thriving rather than surviving, so what are the steps aging athletes need to take to add life to our extended years?

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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Training Peaks: More Than "Run, Run, and Run..."

The 5 Training Habits For a Successful Marathon 
APRIL 4, 2017//SUSAN LEGACKI - Training Peaks

Qualifying for the Boston Marathon is considered by many to be the Holy Grail of running performance. Runners who make it to the starting line in Hopkinton are among the fastest, most determined and most dedicated marathoners in the world. After the 2016 Boston Marathon, TrainingPeaks looked at more than 1,300 Boston finishers’ data starting four months out from race day to determine what training habits led to a successful marathon. We discovered that these five marathon training habits were present in all runners who finished in the top 25 percent of our testing sample. Whether you’re looking to qualify for Boston yourself or attempting 26.2 for the first time, by using these five tips (along with a solid recovery, strength and marathon nutrition plan) you have the greatest chance of showing up on race day at your peak performance level...

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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Outside Online: It's Not "Orthopedic, Marriage Counselor, Suicide Hotline..."

Your Step-by-Step Post-Marathon Recovery Plan 

Remember to take care of yourself after your big day 
Adam Elder/Outside Online/Apr 6, 2017 

Reaching the finish line of a marathon takes planning, discipline, and a whole lot of sacrifice. For most runners, the race has been on their minds for months. But what about a plan for the moment after you cross the finish line? Besides a splurge meal and a cold adult beverage, most people don’t give much thought to what they should (and shouldn’t) do in the hours, days, and weeks after a big race. What’s the best route to healing yourself and bouncing back as quickly and completely as possible?

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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Carmichael Training Systems: Taking Science In

Inside Sports Drinks (Just the Science) 

Carmichael Training Systems

A sports drink is essentially water with stuff dissolved in it. Some drinks have lots of different kinds of stuff dissolved in them, some of which just waste space. There is only so much room to dissolve solutes in a drink, and drinks with fewer ingredients can use more of that room for important things such as carbohydrate and sodium. The simplest drinks are the best because they are easiest on the gut and facilitate the transport of sugar and electrolyte across the semipermeable membrane of the intestinal wall better and faster...

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Outside Online: (Adult) Relationship Advice

Tough Love: Help! I'm Anxious About Going Running with My Date. 
Outside's love guide is here—and answering your most pressing questions about dating, breakups, and everything in between. Today, we discuss being unable to hang on a running date and when it's okay to snot-rocket in front of your beloved. 
Blair Braverman//Outside Online, Apr 14, 2017

Welcome to Tough Love. Every other week, we’re answering your questions about dating, breakups, and everything in between. Our advice giver is Blair Braverman, dogsled racer and author of Welcome to the G0dd@mn Ice Cube. Have a question of your own? Write to us at toughlove@outsidemag.com.

Q: There’s this girl I just started seeing. We’ve gone for drinks a few times, and I think she’s great, but she wants to do something a little more exciting for our next date. Her suggestion: a 12-mile run on our local trail network. I run casually (well, I guess I should identify as more of a jogger), and I’ve hiked the route she mentioned, but I can’t imagine running it—least of all with someone I genuinely want to impress. About half a mile into any run, I’m soaked, huffing and puffing, red in the face. I’m not sure date number four is the time I want to reveal that side of myself. But I’m afraid if I ask her to go for a low-key hike instead, she’ll think I’m wimping out. What’s the move? —Anxiety Sweats

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Monday, April 17, 2017

Outside Online: Pain and Getting Chicked

The Longer the Race, the Stronger We Get 
Meaghen Brown//Outside Online, Apr 11, 2017

 At the outer edges of endurance sports, something interesting is happening: women are beating men. 

Among the world’s most celebrated long-distance footraces, the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc is known for being particularly brutal.

The 106-mile course through the French, Swiss, and Italian Alps climbs more than 33,000 feet as it loops around its namesake peak. The weather can be savage—heavy rain, frigid nights, hot and humid days. In August 2013, Rory Bosio took off from the start line without grand expectations, having never won a major event. She trailed well behind the leaders for the first six hours. But as the race stretched into the evening and most competitors slowed, ­Bosio held her pace. When the lanky, brown-haired American runner in pink shoes and a blue running skirt crossed the finish line in 22 hours 37 minutes, she’d destroyed the women’s record by two and a half hours. Bosio took seventh place overall, becoming the first woman to crack the top ten at the event and beating dozens of elite pro men...

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RRCA Level I Coaching Course, November 4-5

Since 1998, the RRCA Coaching Certification ​Program ​has provided a baseline of education for individuals seeking to become an RRCA Certified Coach. The goal of the program is to create a national community of knowledgeable and ethical distance running coaches to work with runners at all​ ages and abilities.

RRCA Certified Coaches:

- Volunteer with their local running clubs, coach clients one-on-one, and coach training programs for groups of runners working towards a common goal such, as completing a 5k, half marathon, or marathon.

- Work with runners and emphasize the use of intelligent training plans that are based on a scientific body of knowledge and designed to help a runner achieve their goals, while minimizing the risks of injuries.

The RRCA Coaching Certification Level I Course is an in-person ​course designed to accomplish​ our ​goal of educating coaches so they may direct training programs for their RRCA member running clubs.

The course meets the criteria for 16.0 credit hours of American College of Sports Medicine Continuing Education Credit, or 1.4 CEU of American Council on Exercise Continuing Education Credit.

Registration for the course, which will be held in Orange Park (near Jacksonville), can be completed through RunSignUp.com.

More information about RRCA Coaching Certification can be found on the RRCA website, or by contacting coachingdir@rrca.org.

Citius Mag: Extreme Beer Mileage

I Ran A Beer Half Marathon in 1:43. Here’s How It Went 
Emmet Farnan, via Citius Mag Staff // APRIL 12, 2017

13 beers and 13 miles is no joke. Together and consumed in under 2 hours is even crazier. It was brought to our attention that a reader completed a beer half marathon in an hour and 43 minutes so after coming across the video, more information was sent our way into the accomplishment. Here’s how Emmet Farnan completed the Holy Half in South Bend, Indiana.

In the past few years, the running world has been buzzing with interest in the Beer Mile. Some good and some bad. While most people reading this are likely familiar with what this means, for those of you that are not clear on the specifics – the Beer Mile consists of drinking one full can of beer before each lap of a mile. I recently had the inspiration to apply the same concept to a half marathon. I know…The idea of drinking a beer before each mile of a half marathon sounds insane, something I have been reminded of by a myriad of people since, but I figured it was worth giving it a shot...

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Outside Online: Two Stretches to the Dark Side

3 Stretches Every Outdoor Athlete Should Do Daily 
This three-minute routine will make you faster and stronger and help keep you injury-free 
Michael Easter //Outside Onliine, Apr 11, 2017 

Whether you’re attempting a new PR, training to bag an FKT, or just trying to keep up with the young guns, you may think the key to improvement is more: more training, more exercise, more of your sport. But James Wilson, a personal trainer based in Grand Junction, Colorado, says what you really need is balance...

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Sunday, April 16, 2017

Outside Online: Be Good to the Runner in Your Life

A Guide to Being a Runner's Ally 
Martin Fritz Huber//Apr 11, 2017

Living with a dedicated runner can sometimes be a burden, especially when the runner in question is gearing up for an important race. As the event approaches, such devout individuals tend to become irritatingly fastidious about controlling their environment. With all the fussing about optimizing sleep, hydration, and fueling habits, it might feel like you’re suddenly living in a terrarium.

In other words, in close quarters, the problems of the race-bound runner can quickly become your problems, too. But you can counteract this mutual descent into madness with modest gestures of kindness. Here’s some basic advice for the would-be ally to help your runner maintain their sanity—and thereby preserve some of your own...

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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Active.com: Nothing to Fear But...

7 Common Running Fears (and How to Conquer Them)
By Monica Olivas/Active.com

Let’s get something out of the way: Running isn’t easy. The inherent difficulty of the sport is what attracts competitors, makes their miniature triumphs so rewarding and keeps all of us coming back. But it’s also those reasonably founded—but easily dispelled—fears that keep non-runners from ever lacing ‘em up.

We’ve addressed each of the most common running fears and attached a recipe for conquering them. So don’t fret. You’ll be running (and loving it) in no time.

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Active.com: Rule #1: Qualify

The Golden Rules of the Boston Marathon
Megan Harrington/Active.com

It’s that time of year again; the temperature is rising, flowers are blooming and thousands of runners are gearing up to run the Boston marathon. With a rich history and a famous course, it’s on many runners’ bucket lists. But to run a smart race, preparation is key. If you’ve been lucky enough to earn a spot in this year’s race (or someday hope to qualify) this is for you...

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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Ironguides: The Rep Loves 'Em, You Can Too

The Treadmill As A Training Tool
Coach Vinnie Santana//Ironguides.net, April 12 2017

The treadmill is a tool that is not explored as much as it should be. It has a reputation of being boring compared to running outside. As much as there is a good deal of truth to this, it also offers many benefits that can’t be replicated on the roads for athletes of all levels. Learn more about this excellent training tool...

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MapMyRun Blog: Ultimately, Only You Know

Should You Run or Not? 8 Major Excuses, Debunked
Molly Hurford//MapMyRun Blog, March 23, 2017

Let’s face it: sometimes you just don’t feel like going for a run. And that’s OK. But 9 times out of 10, once you start (and finish), you’re so glad you did. Take a read through this list of common excuses to see whether you should run or take it easy. Ultimately, only you know.

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Outside Online: Apparently Everybody Loves Ed Sheeran

The Most Popular New Spotify Songs by Sport

Turns out runners and bikers both love Ed Sheeran, while CrossFitters can't decide whether they want to turn it up or get angry
By: Dan Roe//Outside Online Apr 7, 2017

Every month, 50 million people listen to more than 2 billion playlists on Spotify. While some would argue that working out with music is sacrilege, many of us turn to our Spotify playlists for extra motivation to finish that last rep, power through the final pull-up, or send that ten-footer.
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Washington Post via Outside Online: Shoes? Check. Hijab? Check.

A handful of women ignored Iranian orders by running Tehran marathon outdoors alongside men
Marissa Payne//Washington Post April 7

Backed by the Dutch organizer of what was billed as Iran’s first international marathon in Tehran, a group of women ran alongside men outdoors on Friday, ignoring orders given by an Iranian government official earlier in the week requiring female runners to complete their course apart from men and off the streets in a nearby stadium.

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Saturday, April 8, 2017

Outside Online: My Past Propels Me

Why I Run in Prison 
Rahsaan Thomas is incarcerated at San Quentin State Prison, where he found running while serving a life sentence 
By: Rahsaan Thomas Apr 2, 2017//Outside Online

I run inside San Quentin State Prison, around a quarter-mile track surrounded by gigantic walls and barbed-wire fences. The track is half dirt and half concrete. It circles the “Field of Dreams,” a baseball diamond with a tennis court, basketball court, and pull-up bars nearby.

My past propels me to chase acceptance and freedom.
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