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Friday, February 19, 2010

How Much Do You Know About The RRCA?

RRCA 101 Pre-Test - How Much Do You Really Know About RRCA?
INSTRUCTIONS: Choose the single most-correct answer to these eight questions about RRCA's mission, vision, goals & programming.
1. The RRCA is NOT:
a. an educational & programming resource.
b. a national organization of running clubs, events, & individuals.
c. dedicated to develop & grow running, events, & recreational runners.
d. strictly an insurance provider.

2. Persons with a passion for running & want to help individuals achieve personal fitness & athletic goals can become an RRCA-certified coach after they complete a two-day certification seminar, CPR & first-aid training.

3. RRCA meets with member club reps, state reps & directors; hosting seminars to grow & strengthen individual club operations, improve event quality & motivate club volunteers. This year’s national convention is being held in:
a. Lake Geneva, WI
b. Lakeland, FL
c. Lake Tahoe, NV
d. Lakewood, CO

4. Which of these are NOT included in RRCA’s General Running Safety Tips?
a. Always stay alert & aware of what is going on around you.
b. Don’t wear headphones.
c. Look both ways before crossing.
d. Run the same course on a consistent basis.

5. Donations to RRCA for Kids Run The Nation, Road Scholars, & the State Representative Fund are tax deductible.

6. Clubs can recognize volunteer workers with an RRCA National Volunteer Award when they accrue this number of service hours:
a. 1,500
b. 2,000
c. 2,500
d. 3,000

7. RRCA designates state, regional & national championship races to help clubs:
a. attract event sponsors.
b. improve civic/media support for the event.
c. recruit top-performing runners to participate in the event.
d. All of the above.

8. RRCA State Representatives are compensated for their services.
I'll post the answers after March 2nd...unless you e-mail me with your answers first.