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  • Must be recognized as a nonprofit through RRCA exemption, or granted IRS exemption
  • Must have an independent board of directors elected at least every two years
  • Generally conduct group training runs, organized training programs, youth programs, track workouts, social gatherings, and may organize running events owned by the club
  • Must have at least ten individual members and provide a roster of members, including board members or leaders, for insurance and communications​ purposes
  • Must list the events they own on the RRCA Calendar, a club marketing resource and list of official club-owned events insured through the RRCA's insurance
  • Follow the Guidelines for Safe Group Runs, Guidelines for Safe Events, and the Race Director Code of Ethics
  • Adopt recommended and required policies as outlined in the RRCA Resources for Club Directors
  • Post the RRCA member logo on the club website
  • Can include government-run recreation centers, other nonprofit organizations, and also includes youth-only running clubs or Cross Country programs
  • Are not managed or owned by a nonprofit running club or race directing company and do not conduct regular training runs or group runs throughout the year
  • May consist of varying distance events, all held on the same date/weekend
  • May be organized as a nonprofit or a for-profit
  • Can be independent running events, or events managed by a nonprofit organization for the purpose of raising funds for the host nonprofit
  • Must have a set of governing bylaws and an independent board of directors (non-related parties) that are elected at least every two years.
  • Must be recognized as a nonprofit through the RRCA exemption or granted exemption by the IRS
  • Take out RRCA event membership and insurance ​in the name of the event

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