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Thursday, March 4, 2010

RRCA 101 Answer Key

RRCA 101 Test Key- How Much Did You Really Know About RRCA?
The single most-correct answer to the eight questions about RRCA's mission, vision, goals & programming are in bold type.

1. The RRCA is NOT:
a. an educational & programming resource.
b. a national organization of running clubs, events, & individuals.
c. dedicated to develop & grow running, events, & recreational runners.
d. strictly an insurance provider. - The difference between the most active & successful RRCA clubs and clubs who could be more successful with their programs stems from this very attitude.

2. Persons with a passion for running & want to help individuals achieve personal fitness & athletic goals can become an RRCA-certified coach after they complete a two-day certification seminar, CPR & first-aid training.
a. TRUE - RRCA coaching education is not only a one-time deal, but meets continuing education requirements for several medical professions.

3. RRCA meets with member club reps, state reps & directors; hosting seminars to grow & strengthen individual club operations, improve event quality & motivate club volunteers. This year’s national convention is being held in:
a. Lake Geneva, WI
b. Lakeland, FL - Registration is still open...don't wait until the last minute!
c. Lake Tahoe, NV
d. Lakewood, CO

4. Which of these are NOT included in RRCA’s General Running Safety Tips?
a. Always stay alert & aware of what is going on around you.
b. Don’t wear headphones.
c. Look both ways before crossing.
d. Run the same course on a consistent basis.

5. Donations to RRCA for Kids Run The Nation, Road Scholars, & the State Representative Fund are tax deductible.
a. TRUE - Not only that, but greatly appreciated by the beneficiaries. Countless Olympic Trials qualifiers, Four Olympians and an Olympic medalist have received Road Scholar grant money since the program's inception in 1999.

6. Clubs can recognize volunteer workers with an RRCA National Volunteer Award when they accrue this number of service hours:
a. 1,500
b. 2,000 - RRCA clubs can nominate three members each year, as long as they have met the 2,000 hours.
c. 2,500
d. 3,000

7. RRCA designates state, regional & national championship races to help clubs:
a. attract event sponsors.
b. improve civic/media support for the event.
c. recruit top-performing runners to participate in the event.
d. All of the above.

8. RRCA State Representatives are compensated for their services.
b. FALSE - All of the state representatives are volunteers. State representative fund donations in each district help to defray the day-to-day cost of administering programs, but no income is earned.

Answer all eight correct - fill out an application for the next national office job.
Six-to-seven correct - a regional directorship is in your future.
Four-to-five correct - with some work you could be a state representative.
Less than four correct - time for you to do a little reading up on the RRCA web site, http://www.rrca.org