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Sunday, April 16, 2017

Outside Online: Be Good to the Runner in Your Life

A Guide to Being a Runner's Ally 
Martin Fritz Huber//Apr 11, 2017

Living with a dedicated runner can sometimes be a burden, especially when the runner in question is gearing up for an important race. As the event approaches, such devout individuals tend to become irritatingly fastidious about controlling their environment. With all the fussing about optimizing sleep, hydration, and fueling habits, it might feel like you’re suddenly living in a terrarium.

In other words, in close quarters, the problems of the race-bound runner can quickly become your problems, too. But you can counteract this mutual descent into madness with modest gestures of kindness. Here’s some basic advice for the would-be ally to help your runner maintain their sanity—and thereby preserve some of your own...

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