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Husband. *Dog Dad.* Instructional Systems Specialist. Runner. (Swim-challenged) Triathlete (on hiatus). USATF LDR Surveyor. USAT (Elite Rules) CRO/2, NTO/1. RRCA Rep., FL (North). Observer Of The Human Condition.


RRCA State Representatives:
  • Serve as ambassadors for the organization by providing a physical presence in each state
  • Promote programs and services to members, non-members, and individual runners
  • Monitor trends and issues at the state/local level and report them to the National Office
For assistance with local or statewide running-related questions, select the state below to find contact ​information for the State Rep and find links to clubs.

Southern Reg. Dir.
Ron Macksoud
Montgomery, AL
Alex Morrow
Birmingham, AL
David Meroney
Little Rock, AR
Florida (North)
Michael Bowen
Pensacola, FL
Florida (South)
“Capt.” Don Nelson
Key West, FL
Rogelio Quintanar
St. Simons Islands, GA
Lilly Riherd
Bowling Green, KY
Betsy Boudreaux
Gretna, LA
Bryan Lagg
Madison, MS
North Carolina
Brad Broyles
South Carolina
Tracy Gariepy
Fort Mill, SC
Sherilyn Johnson
Chattanooga, TN
Texas (North)
Marcus Grunewald
Dallas, TX
Texas (South)
Lee Greb
Houston, TX

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