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Husband. *Dog Dad.* Instructional Systems Specialist. Runner. (Swim-challenged) Triathlete (on hiatus). USATF LDR Surveyor. USAT (Elite Rules) CRO/2, NTO/1. RRCA Rep., FL (North). Observer Of The Human Condition.


Championship Events - Competitive bidding at the National, Regional, and State level to RRCA member clubs and events to promote the sport of distance running. The goal is to shine a spotlight on well-run events and to award top performing runners in open, masters (40+), grand masters (50+), and senior grand masters (60+) categories.

Coaching Certification - Education for individuals seeking to become an RRCA Certified Coach. The goal is to create a national community of knowledgeable and ethical distance running coaches to work with runners at all​ ages and abilities. The Level I ​course is designed to educate coaches so they may direct training programs for their RRCA member running clubs. The Level II course  ​provides a deeper understanding of the scientific, psychological, competitive, and managerial aspects of working with individual clients and training groups.

Kids Run The Nation - Helps establish locally-managed youth running programs in ​schools and communities. Program is gender-inclusive, multi-week and turn-key, designed to meet USDA physical activity goals for children from kindergarten through sixth grade.

Race Director Certification - Provides event directors with a formal certification based on a baseline of knowledge ​needed to conduct safe events. Partners with Road Race Management and leading event directors to provide affordable education for anyone interested in putting on road or trail running events.

Runner-Friendly Community -

RunPRO:Roads Scholar - Assists promising young distance runners in making the transition from collegiate to professional running, as well as American post-collegiate road runners who show great promise to develop into national and world class road running athletes.

RUN@WORK and RUN@School - Encourages corporate wellness programs, human resources departments, running clubs, running events, running shoe stores, teachers, coaches, parents, and individuals to plan fun runs and walks to promote increased physical activity in their communities, with their employers/employees, and at schools.

National Running Awards -

Volunteer Recognition - Spotlights individuals that have volunteered over 2000 hours of their time to the sport of running. Club presidents, volunteer coordinators, RRCA State Reps, etc. can submit three individuals per year for recognition.

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