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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

From Our Sponsor: Level II Coaching Certification

RRCA has created an official tiered Coaching Certification program, adding on to the original (now officially designated) RRCA Level I Coaching Certification. The new curriculum enables RRCA Level I coaches to become officially designated as an RRCA Level II Certified Coach.

Level II will mark a sophisticated understanding of the scientific, psychological, competitive, and managerial aspects of community-based running and working with individual clients. This program is open to RRCA Certified Coaches, and anyone seeking to enhance their knowledge or reinforce concepts learned in Level I are encouraged to pursue the Level II program.

Minimum Prerequisites:
RRCA Certified Coach Level I (includes up-to-date CPR/First Aid certification)
18 years of age or older with no less than a high school diploma
12 months as a Level I RRCA Certified Coach.
     Coaches can start taking Level II modules but won't be fully certified until 12 full months
     following their Level I certification date
Proof of coaching experience - provide a 150-word essay outlining experience and/or URL of coaching business, etc.

Program Methodology:
The Level II course will be delivered in a combination of two formats: online self-study modules with online assessments and an in-person classroom requirement.

Go to RRCA.org for detailed descriptions of the program requirements, associated costs, and more.

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