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Friday, March 17, 2017

Outside Online: Ninety-Four Problems, But...

Five Things Most Marathoners Shouldn't Worry About
Martin Fritz Huber//March 9 2017

Marathon training can be overwhelming, but some things just aren't worth the stress

With the abundance of marathon training advice available today, figuring out how best to prepare can seem as daunting as the race itself. There are training plans for every ability level, books dedicated exclusively to the subject of marathon nutrition, and accessories for problems you probably didn’t know existed. For someone with limited time to dedicate to the inherently absurd pursuit of racing 26.2 miles, the question may arise: How much of this stuff do I really need to worry about?

Of course, the answer depends on your goals. Anyone looking to qualify for the Olympic Trials will be fine-tuning their training down to the last detail. But for your average marathon-bound runner, it’s easy to miss the forest for the trees.

To help cut through some of the clutter and distill those aspects of marathon training that matter most, we consulted Mario Fraioli, a former collegiate All-American and head coach of the digital coaching service Ekiden. (He also writes a weekly newsletter called the Morning Shakeout.) Fraioli has coached several elite-level athletes, but we picked his brain about what the rest us should be most focused on. (link)

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