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Thursday, February 23, 2017

The Best Running Hacks of All-Time (Anti-Spoiler Alert!)

The Best Running Hacks of All-Time (and some N.Fl State Rep, erm, reactions...)
By Megan Harrington

(The slide show has more details - there's some really good tips here and there. I recommend a look! M.B.)

Are you ready to make your miles better and more productive?
From meetings on the run to unique fueling ideas, these hacks will help you run around the obstacles life throws your way.

1.Sleep in your running clothes
(So what do I do when I hurt too much to run?)

2.Experiment with alternative pre-race breakfasts
(I've tried cold pizza in the past; varying degrees of success/failure.)

3.Run to work
(I'm insane, not suicidal)

4.Read while you run-sort of
(Hopefully not while I'm running to work, or my demise is guaranteed!)

5.Set calendar alerts
(I will if my boss does!)

6.Suggest a running meeting
(Double-edged sword; will I ingratiate myself to my bosses or be seen as a threat to their lives?)

7.Pair family time with shared miles
(My greyhound used to laugh at me. My chihuahua, on the other hand, is good for shorter distances.)

8.Clean yourself and your clothes in your post-run shower
(Don't let my wife hear this one!)

9.Solve the key conundrum once and for all
(Keys? What are those?)

10.Put the water bottle down
(Who said that's water!?)

11.Win the battle against blisters
(...and lose the war on my plantar fascia!?)

12.Simulate an outdoor run on the treadmill
(Who let that driver bring his car into the gym!?)

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